Why training?

The communications & information systems become each day more complex and despite the producer’s efforts to make it user friendly, utilizing all of its functions demands special knowledge. Of course, you may try to understand how it works by yourself but usually it takes a lot of time and at the end the results can be disappointing. Not to mention that the communications equipments are too expensive to let inexperienced people to use it.

In the end, the perfect, cheaper and quicker solution is to let us train the equipment users.

Why us?

We, the Training Department from ISBC, determine customer’s training needs and provide it tailored training.
We offer theoretical and practical training, computer based training and student guide for each trainee.
We taught so far more than 800 trainees in the last three years from more than 18 clients that appreciate our work.

ISBC TrainingThe Training Department from ISBC has well prepared instructors with many years of experience in this area, who use the most efficient and modern techniques and equipment for teaching.

We provide training for our customer at our location – classroom for 18-20 trainees-or at a place choose by the client.
And because our work doesn’t stop when training session ends, we built strong professional relationships with our clients and we help them in each problem they encounter while using the systems we delivered.

POC: training@intersystems.ro