We can provide foreign companies with support in accomplishing offset obligations in Romania. We can also support with generating offset ideas, as well as managing the transactions with the beneficiary and with the Offset Agency.

Our company expertise covers both aspects of the offset obligations, as follows:

Direct offset operations:

  • Supplying products to the Contractor, as part of the object of the procurement contract, and/or performing services for the implementation and exploitation of this object.
  • Identifying other Romanian vendors able to supply/perform products and services as part of the object of the procurement contract.

Indirect offset operations:

-      Assisting the Contractor to identify the offset operations not related to the products, services or works, object of the procurements contract, as follows:

  • Capital and tangible equity investments
  • Intangible investments
  • Subcontracting
  • Purchase of products manufactured in Romania
  • Marketing assistance
  • Financial assistance
  • Assistance in creating new work places, assistance for small and medium enterprises
  • Research and development cooperation regarding the achievement of the procurement contract object
  • Donations, training

Offered services:

  • Offset Proposal Preparation
  • Vendor Assessment and Selection
  • Offset Program Monitoring
  • Offset Program Management

POC: sales@intersystems.ro