The Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) Department is responsible for all the support considerations necessary to assure the effective and economical support of the delivered systems throughout their life cycle.

The ISBC expertise ranges from the development of logistic and maintenance support plans to technical documentation, fielding and in-service support.

With an extensive management and hands-on field experience, the logistic staff is involved in specification, design, development, acquisition, test, fielding, and support of systems.

The ISBC is offering Integrated Logistic Support services for all the deployed products and the systems, throughout the entire lifecycle.

The ILS services are tailored depending on the customer needs, but always keeping an eye on the operational aspects and the maintainability of delivered products or systems.

The ISBC logistic support approach is based on the international standards that governs this discipline but also on the internal regulations and requirements of the specific customers, covering the following elements:

1. Maintenance planning

The purpose is to develop a maintenance concept to support the delivered systems and plan the detailed maintenance actions necessary for that support;

ISBC provides:

  • Preventive maintenance for the delivered systems;
  • Corrective maintenance actions, on request;
  • On site fault isolation and repair down to SRU level;

2. Supply Support

Identify the materials necessary to fully support the operation and maintenance of the system;

Items developed from this discipline are the Ready Spare Kit (RSK), Site Spares Kit (SSK), Consumable Bulk Item Kit (CBK), and Recommended Spare Part Lists (RSPL);

ISBC owns a spare parts pool in its own warehouse, that is used in order to reduce the down-time of the systems;

RSPL are delivered with the system, if required;

3. Support and test equipment

All equipment that is required to perform the support functions is included:

  • Spectrum analyzers;
  • RF measuring tools and instruments;
  • Oscilloscopes;
  • Antenna analyzers;
  • Propagation predictions software tools;
  • Hand tools.

ISBC ILS Experience:

This covers the supply of spares, training, maintenance, the overall planning, programming and documentation necessary to ensure that the delivered systems are properly and economically maintained, operated and supported throughout their service life.


Preventive maintenance tasks and 24 hours turn- around corrective maintenance for Romanian Strategic Radio Network;

Preventive maintenance tasks and 24 hours turn- around corrective maintenance (8 hours for central site) for the ground to air Air Police Radio Network;

48 hours turn-around corrective maintenance for Integrated Battalion Communications System on IFVs, all over Romania;

Various corrective maintenance tasks upon request of the customer.