Combat Net Radio Access

This project represents the fielding of a Combat Net Radio Access capability in the National Military Communications Network. The system is based on the Harris RF-6010 Tactical Network Access Hub installed in transit cases and fitted with all the equipment and accessories required for autonomous operations in building of opportunities or tents.

The system’s main function is to provide automatica connectivity of mobile VHF/HF radio users with the subscribers of the NMCN (national Military Communications Network) and vice versa. Therefore NMCN subscribers can call or be called automatically by radio subscribers of the Strategic Level Radio network of Romanian Armed Forces or any other subscribers of other radio networks organized at the strategic or tactical echelons.

The module consists of the following subsystems:

  • Falcon II radio subsystem
  • NMCN Interfacing/Integration subsystem
  • Management terminal
  • Power Supply subsystem

The system design and engineering effort consisted of:

  • System design and engineering
  • Installation and integration of the purchased equipment and the CFE equipment
  • Integration/Validation of Qualification
  • End user training

You may download our Combat Net Radio Access brochure in PDF format.