Harris Tactical Radio Communications

Tactical Radio CommunicationsTactical radios provide the warfighter with secure voice , high-speed networked data services and video communications, as well as interoperability across the joint battlespace to meet existing and future communications challenges. Capable of fixed-site, vehicular, or manportable battery-powered operation, they includes narrowband and wideband waveforms, features a Software Communications Architecture (SCA) operating environment, providing the optimal transition to software-defined radio technology. The SCA architecture enables loading of future waveforms. Built-in AES encryption provides high-grade security for all transmissions using a 256-bit key. The radios includes an embedded GPS receiver to display local position and to provide automatic position reporting for situational awareness for command and control software on the battlefield.

Harris Tactical Networking & Data

Tactical Networking & DataThe networking and data products provide highly integrated and secure communication over HF, VHF, and UHF radio links. Key product areas include advanced networking interfaces, efficient email and image transmission software, and advanced HF modems. The Tactical Network Access Hub and the FALCON II® radios form the basis of the Harris Tactical Network that allows radio operators to send and receive phone calls and allows radio outstations to have wireless Internet Protocol (IP) connectivity. Telecommunication and local/wide area data networks (LAN/WAN) can now be easily extended down to the tactical radio level. The Harris Tactical Network is also secure, using the Harris Citadel® to provide digital encryption for all voice and data communications.

Harris Antennas & Accessories

Antennas & AccessoriesAn extensive range of antennas are available for use with the Harris transceiver products. They include HF, VHF, and UHF antennas for short-, intermediate-, and long-range communications for use in manpack, transportable, handheld, vehicular, and fixed applications.

Harris High-Capacity Line-of-Sight

High-Capacity Line-of-SightHigh-speed, wireless IP networking for bandwidth-intensive applications, the RF-7800W is a wireless bridge that is capable of operating as a High Capacity Line of Sight (HCLOS) radio, but small enough to mount on the back of a one-foot flat panel antenna. Weighing less than 2.5 kg, the broadband Ethernet radio can be easily mounted on a mast for quick deployment, or on a tower system designed for long distance backhaul.