SAVI Readers

RFID Infrastructure consists of Savi Readers, Savi Signposts and Savi Signpost-Readers. This comprises the hardware network that captures data from RFID-tagged assets and shipments that then get relayed to enterprise-level software, such as Savi SmartChain®.


SaviTags are Savi’s product family of ruggedized active, battery-powered RFID devices built to support dependable and sustainable RFID solutions. SaviTags enable organizations to access real-time information on the location of assets and shipments, as well as their condition and security status. SaviTags have been battle tested globally for nearly two decades, and they are what organizations all around the world rely on to ensure their mission critical supplies reach their destination.

SAVI Software

The SmartChain Enterprise Platform supports different SmartChain Applications through the following services:

  • Automated Data Capture & Network Management provides the foundation for real-time updates
  • Alerts & Notifications creates the opportunity for real-time decisions
  • Process Management & Execution supplies SmartChain’s core business intelligence
  • Integration & Reporting facilitates the exchange of data with other enterprise systems and third party reporting tools