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Voiajor® product line provides military messaging solutions, augmenting BC2A® product line in covering the battlefield requirements from section level up to division headquarters and beyond.

Voiajor MailerVoiajor WorkflowVoiajor® Mailer is designed specifically to operate in the low bandwidth CNR environment specific to the tactical level providing seamless message exchange over non-homogeneous VHF and HF networks.

Voiajor® Workflow provides timely, consistent and coherent role and workflow based messaging inside command posts and headquarters.

Voiajor AdatP-3Voiajor MEMVoiajor® AdatP-3 provides the capability to edit AdatP-3 Message Text Formats, thus contributing along with Voiajor® MEM to the exchange of accurate real time situation awareness information among coalition forces.

Voiajor Product White Papers: