C2 Software – BC2A

BC2ABC2A® product line provides a fully scalable command and control solution covering the battlefield requirements from section level up to division headquarters and beyond.
BC2A® products use an open architecture and a flexible command and control framework dedicated to support BiSC AIS functional and core services.

Seamless operation over low bandwidth CNR environment

BC2A MobilBC2A® products are designed specifically to operate in the low bandwidth CNR environment specific to the tactical level providing seamless communications over non-homogeneous VHF and HF networks.

Unprecedented Flexibility – customization

BC2A CineticBC2A® products facilitate nearly every aspect of command and control through modular add-ons which rest on top of a flexible framework architecture.

Capacity to Meet C4I Needs Well into the Future

BC2A® poducts are designed specifically to evolve the solution to any need. The core framework architecture need not change to realize incremental growth of functionality.

BC2A AmicA complete NATO interoperable solution

Interoperability is assured by BC2A® through the implementation of the following standards: STANAG 5525 (JC3IEDM), STANAG 5527 (NFFI), APP-6 (NATO Military Symbols for Land Based Systems) and AdatP-3 (NATO Message Text Formatting System). These standards ensure the exchange of accurate real time situation awareness information among NATO forces.

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