ATC products

air trafficFor more than 90 years Northrop Grumman Park Air Systems have specialised in providing leading solutions for aviation and transport applications. We are a trusted supplier globally dedicated to developing advanced air traffic management systems, encompassing an installed base of over 170 countries.

ATC radios

PAE T6TPAE T6 MDR series are deployed in all types of air traffic control facilities from isolated mountaintop stations to control towers at our busiest airports, from complex area control centres to simple rural air strips.

The PAR T6 MDR is a versatile range of software programmable radios that fulfil today’s analogue needs and the growing demand for digital communications within the airspace environment.

Defence Radio

PAE M7The Park Air Systems PAE M7 V/UHF Multimode Radio delivers oustanding communications performance, capability and flexibility in the frequency band 100 MHz to 400 MHz. The PAE M7 is software programmable and provides multimode voice and data communications in normal, secure or Electronic Protection Measures (EPM) modes. It is designed for fixed, naval and transportable applications and is available in transceiver or separate transmitter and receiver configurations.