Ministry of National Defense
(General Staff)
Design, Implementation and ILS for the Strategic Radio Network;
Integrated Voice and Data Networks (category 5);Fiber optic network access;
Command Vehicle Integration for PSYOPS;
Ministry of National Defense
(Land Forces)
Infantry Fighting Vehicle MLI84-M Modernization Program (Battalion Integrated Communications System – C2 infrastructure);
Integration of Command Vehicles on Chevrolet Tahoe (partnering with Harris RF Communications
Ministry of National Defense
(Romanian Navy)
Integrated Digital External/Internal Communications System for “Marasesti” frigate
Naval Forces Staff Communications Center – Bucharest
Integrated Communications Systems for EOD SEALS, logistic ship “Constanta” and minesweepers
Naval Operational Command – Communication Center (project)
Message Handling network and terminals software applications
Ministry of National Defense
(Air Forces)
Deployable CIS Module
Ground to Air Radio Network for Air Force Police
Romanian Intelligence Service
Digital Fiber Transport Systems
COMMS & IT Network
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The global international embassies communications network
Special Telecommunications Service
HF integrated communications system
Telecom Network
Ministry of Interior and Administrative Reform
HF Radio Nationwide Network for Gendarmerie

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  • Romanian Air Force
  • Romanian Navy
  • Romanian Defense Intelligence
  • General Staff/ Signal HQ
  • Romanian Ministry of Interior and Administration Reform
  • Romanian Gendarmerie
  • Romanian Special Telecommunications Service
  • Romanian Intelligence Service
  • Kongsberg
  • Harris
  • General Dynamics Canada
  • Felix Telecom
  • MFA Mizil
  • Romanian Military Equipment and Technologies Research Agency
  • Prooptica
  • Aeromaritime GmbH